Official Champagne – Champagne Cattier

Official Champagne – Champagne Cattier

Each Champagne House develops a very specific style with its cuvees. It is the cellar master who is the guarantor of the continuity of the style of his house. Each change of cellar master in a House is a crucial and key step that spreads as far as possible on several years. It is also not uncommon for older generations of cellar masters to still officiate at the time of the blending for many years further, by passion for the job.

A family business like ours is no exception to this rule. In our case, the relay is done from one generation to another. So my grandfather has educated my father, who, himself, educated me once established on the family domaine. This transmission can be sometimes complex, sometimes simple depending on Houses and families. Personally, I’m still proud and happy to exchange with my father since all these years on the elaboration of our wines.

The style of our wines comes naturally from our Premier Cru vineyards in the heart of the Montagne de Reims. To me, these lands have two distinct typicities: fruity and generosity.

Our very specific fruity style is both expressive and very elegant. This is our pinot meunier that best expresses this typical character. Historically sought by negociants, pinot meunier of our terroir is highly prized and sought for the creations of blendings. Besides, I regularly hear our customers praise the merits of “that fruit”, both expressive and intense they enjoy in our champagnes. My grandfather had his own expression to talk about it “one bites in the cluster.”

Generosity and power are two other characteristics of our wines. During their tasting, our Champagnes offer a first attack full of freshness and then, the fruit expression is amplified as the champagne intensifies in the mouth. All taste buds are coated with aromas that fade gradually like a wave coming to die on the sand. We have always cultivated this power and this roundness that make the specificity of our champagnes.

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